3 Handy Horse Hauling Checklists
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Three Handy Hauling Checklists | Groundmaster

Download These Three Handy Horse Hauling Checklists

By Claudia Dineen, Runaway Writing 

Spring and summer are here! It’s time to hit the road with horse in tow and go do something fun! Make sure you have everything you need and download these three handy hauling checklists! Shows, rodeos, trail rides, camping… ahhhhhh, I can’t wait!

But hold on! First, you need to gather your stuff. And your horse’s stuff. Nothing sucks as bad as forgetting to pack something critical! 

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True story – a few years back, I drove about 2 hours to meet friends for an all-day trail ride.  One friend, a very experienced rider, forgot to load her horse’s saddle pad!  You forgot what?  

Thankfully, I had an extra one in my trailer. Crisis avoided!  

Thankfully, my friend was also an experienced traveler because I forgot to pack water and snacks.  My friend had packed enough for a small army! Share and share alike! 

A Blog Post You’ll Want to Print

Three handy hauling checklists begin below. As you read through them, you may cross off items that don’t apply and think of items needed based on your situation. Add them to the Notes section, to the end, to the back of the page.

Download the PDF version of this blog and print it. You’ll want to reuse these checklists every time you plan a trip!

For The Humans

Wallet or Purse 
Cell phone 
Glasses, Sunglasses, Readers 
Insect Repellent 
Clothes Show? Casual? Weather necessities? Hats and Caps? Helmet? Extended Stay Personal Care Medications Health & Beauty Haircare 
Riding Boots 
Food Water Other Beverages Snacks For an Extended Stay Meals/Meal Plans Utensils 

For The Horse(s)

Grooming Tools 
Fly Spray 
Water (10 gallons minimum/horse, more if no water available at destination) 
Water Bucket(s) 
Feed (and supplements) 
Horse Medical/Emergency Kit 
Sheet/Blanket (Weather Dependent) 
Extra Tack Pieces  Extra Halter/Lead Extra Girth Reins Other 

For The Truck and Trailer

Keys & Extra Sets of Keys 
Pre-Trip Check Lights Signals Brakes Tires/Spare tires are Aired Up All Systems Go 
Human Medical/Emergency Kit 
Tire Changing Tools 
2 Spare Tires 
Jiffy Jack 
Wheel Chocks 
Hitch Lock 
Cell Phone Charger 
Roadside Assistance Card 
For Extended Stay: Generator/Gas Muck Rake Extra Shavings 

Are there certain things that you find you’re constantly forgetting when you load up to go somewhere with your horse? Let me know what those are – we’ll add them to our checklists!



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