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Groundmaster Stall flooring originally began production in 1987 in Cedar Springs, Michigan under the ownership of Jan and Bill Pearson. The concept and history of Groundmaster stall flooring began when Jan Pearson identified the need for a superior horse stall flooring option. Jan was the owner and operator of a large Quarter Horse breeding, training, and teaching facility in Michigan. While operating this facility she realized that a lot of time and money was spent on shavings and stall maintenance.  She also realized that using rubber mats for stall flooring was not a great solution, as urine would pool on the mats soaking the stall shavings.  The pooled urine would cause foal pneumonia during breeding season and lung problems in young racehorses. Jan’s concern for the health of her horses is what led her to develop a stall floor that was beneficial not only to horses but also to horse owners.  Jan has an extensive history in the horse business as she was the past president of the Michigan Quarter Horse Association, served several years on the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes Quarter Racing Association, and has held judges cards from five different associations. Jan wanted to create a horse stall floor that was level, durable, and anchored; all while being a natural footing for horses. This is where Groundmaster Horse Stall Flooring was started and why we say it was created for horse people, by horse people. In 2009, Bill and Jan Pearson changed their focus and started investing time into BJP Youth Ranch, a non-profit youth ranch focusing on youth rodeos, therapeutic riding, and “at-risk” youth programs.

The transition and history of Groundmaster Stall Flooring happened in 2015 when Jan Pearson approached Andy and Robyn Burelle about re-establishing Groundmaster Stall Flooring and taking the reins of the company while she remained on as a consultant. It was Jan’s vision that this stall flooring should be available to horse owners because the stall flooring is top of the line. Groundmaster had 20 years of previous success and has been tried and tested in horse barns with excellent reviews. The company had always been a family-owned business that took pride in their products and customer service. Jan identified Andy and Robyn as the perfect people to continue on with the vision of Groundmaster Stall Flooring. Andy Burelle is a long-standing member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. He has traveled the country working such rodeos as Calgary Stampede, Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and Salinas Rodeo. Robyn Burelle is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, focusing on equine studies. Robyn has worked for horse trainers in many different disciplines. She has worked for Tommy Manion, Pete Kyle, and John Briggs all located in north Texas. She currently is working on their home ranch located in Ardmore, Oklahoma where she trains horses for outside clients and offers riding lessons.  With the company successfully moved to Ardmore Oklahoma in 2015, the Burelle family is looking forward to providing you with premium products for all your horse stall flooring needs along with excellent customer service.



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