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These rubber stall mats / flooring system provides all the benefits and advantages you want for you and your horse. 


1) Our flooring is permeable, unlike rubber stall mats, and when combined with an aggregate base provides superior drainage vastly reducing the amount of wasted bedding material. Studies have shown that Groundmaster can actually reduce bedding costs by up to 20%. In a short time, the flooring pays for itself not to mention the time it will save you.

2) It is easy to maintain. Like concrete, our stall flooring is a permanent solution. It is a custom fit one-piece installation anchored into the subfloor base. When properly installed it will not shift or move and the surface remains level for years and years.

3) It is lightweight. Installation is easy because unlike rubber matting this eco-friendly product is made with partially recycled HDPE. A typical 12×12 floor will weigh less than 100 pounds.

4) It is easy to sanitize. Many products today are made with HDPE because it is chemical resistant (Think Rubbermaid®) which means it is easy to clean. Simply spray down the flooring with your choice of disinfectant. We recommend Tektrol because it is used in many veterinary facilities to discourage the spread of disease. Because Groundmaster is permeable the soil beneath is also disinfected and because of its design, the soil can breathe which discourages the growth of bacteria that thrive in low oxygen environments.

5) It is safe. The surface of our flooring is designed to lock into the aggregate base providing a non-slip surface to add your bedding too.

6) It is natural. Our flooring is flexible so when it is installed properly with a good base it provides the same amount of cushion and give that a horse would naturally live on outdoors, while also stabilizing the soil beneath which remains perfectly level. Your horse’s back feet and joints will be much healthier if they are not standing on an uneven surface.

7) Price. Groundmaster is a low-cost investment for your horse that will pay for itself over and over again. Imagine if a bag of shavings costs $6 and you use 3 bags per week. Now if you use 20% less that saves you $3.60 per week times 52 weeks is a savings of over $187 a year. If you own 5 horses that is a savings of almost $936 per year every year for as long as you own your horses. (based on studies from Michigan State University and Florida State University.

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Designed to be as close to mother nature as possible – Reduce strain, time, money & work by choosing Groundmaster!

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If you’re tired of heavy, shifting, and uneven rubber stall mats?


Groundmaster Stall Flooring is the solution!

Groundmaster Equine is unlike other rubber stall mats. Horse owners know that next to feed, stall maintenance is one of the biggest expenditures of both time and money.  Let’s face it, we love our horses and we spend thousands of dollars making sure the four walls of their stalls are safe and secure.  What often gets the least amount of attention is what’s beneath their feet.  It is common knowledge that concrete is easy to sanitize and maintain and that it is terrible for your horses’ joints and feet.


Imagine yourself having to stand or lay on concrete twelve to fifteen hours a day.  Horse owners, when given a choice, almost always opt for some type of dirt or natural floor in their stalls since it is better for your horse and comparable to a horse’s native outdoor environment.  The big advantages to soil or aggregate floors are cushion and drainage. With proper drainage, urine is wicked away and your stall stays drier, which obviously is healthier for your horse.   But, the negative is that in a short time the footing in the stall becomes uneven and full of holes. The soil becomes mixed with your bedding.


For many years the solution to this problem was the use of rubber stall mats.  The disadvantage to rubber stall mats is that drainage is lost causing urine to pool on top and underneath of the mats.  This pooling increases that awful ammonia odor and allows bacteria to thrive, which is not healthy for your horse’s respiratory system.  It also results in the use of tons of bedding to absorb the urine.  Of course, all that bedding needs to be removed and replaced on a daily basis and that quickly gets expensive.  Also, because the rubber stall mats are just laid in the stalls, in a short time they shift around and the edges curl and buckle. This results in the same old uneven floor problems, not to mention putting those heavy rubber stall mats back in place is a chore nobody really wants to do.

This uneven surface can be as bad for your horse’s back, feet, and joints as concrete.

Solve all of your stall flooring problems today.

Get the best flooring available for you and your horse.

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Reduce strain, time, money & work by choosing Groundmaster Equine!